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Flight Training

  • An Introductory Flight Lesson – This offers you a chance at the controls with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor beside you for an exciting and exhilarating flight.
  • Private Pilot License – The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time to obtain a Private Pilots License. Sound Aircraft utilizes F.A.A. designated and approved books and training supplies. Lessons are reserved in two-hour blocks.



  • Sightseeing Flights – Take an aerial tour of the East End with its spectacular scenery, marvelous homes, and the world famous Montauk Lighthouse. A typical tour takes one hour and up to three people can participate.

Aircraft Rentals

  • If you already have your pilots license, after a check-out from one of our instructors, you can rent one of our Cessna 172’s to enjoy.  Sorry, but we do not rent in IFR conditions or allow overnights.  


Gift Certifcates

  • Gift Certificates are available for a flight lesson or sightseeing flight. Makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or for the holidays! 


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